Community Partner

Our communities are true partners in Economic Development. Together, we achieve far more than either of us can do alone. Their success is our success. In order to assist our community partners in achieving their economic development goals, GCDC provides the following:

Business Liaison & Advocate – Often, businesses are reluctant to meet with local government officials. GCDC can work with businesses to discuss issues concerning their ability to be successful.

Demographic & Statistics – GCDC maintains community and county demographic profiles and labor information.

Available Building & Site Inventory – GCDC maintains information on local business park sites and available commercial/industrial buildings. We ensure that Green County sites and buildings are posted on the state and national databases such as Location One Information System (LOIS). (Note: This activity does not take the place of the services provided by a commercial real estate professional.)

Government Program Procurement – Through state and regional partnerships, GCDC can assist businesses to identify and secure low interest, flexible term loans, tax credits, and job training grants. In many cases, we can even assist a business with preparing the applications.

Community Preparedness Training – It will happen one day. You will receive a call from a business representative stating they are heading to your town and want to meet with someone about relocating a business to your community. Whether it’s five jobs or five hundred, you want to be prepared to maximize your chances of landing those jobs, and all the benefits they bring, right smack dab in the center of your business park. As needed, GCDC organizes training for community partners so that they are prepared when that new business calls.

National, State, and Regional Organization Liaison – More and more, successful economic development requires strong regional cooperation. In order to ensure that we make the most of regional initiatives, GCDC maintains relationships with several regional groups. some of those include IEDCWEDAMadREP (Madison Region Economic Partnership), Riverlands, and Tri-State Alliance.

Community Leadership Program – GCDC works in partnership with the UW Extension Green County to organize the Green County Leaders Program. The goal of the program is to establish an active community leadership network and create an environment in which communities can work together to benefit each community and the entire county.