Broadband Expansion Grant Brings High Speed Internet to Rural Green County

MONROE – Parts of Green County lacking adequate internet service will be getting broadband as part of a $414,000 grant from the Public Service Commission to the Green County Development Corporation.

With pledged matching funds of more than $631,000, the Broadband Expansion Project will total more than $1 million to increase access to high speed internet in Green County.

To accomplish this, GCDC is partnering with Bug Tussel Wireless™ to place four towers throughout the county in areas that are unserved, are underserved or don’t receive sufficient speed. Adding these towers is expected to help 205 business locations and 1,482 residences.

The towers will serve the Town of Clarno, the community of Martintown in the Town of Cadiz, the community of Oakley in the Town of Spring Grove, and the community of York Center in the Town of York. The towers are expected to be on air by the first quarter of 2019.

Reliable high speed internet access is vital for local businesses to stay competitive. It’s also critical for the health and safety of citizens as it provides full internet access to law enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical services, as well as educational opportunities for students who live in rural areas. The proposal drew wide support from first responders, local governments, businesses and private citizens.

In addition to the four tower sites approved under the  Broadband Expansion Grant, Bug Tussel has several other tower sites that were previously approved and in progress in Green County. Sites east of Monroe, in Belleville and in Albany were scheduled for completion this spring, while additional towers in Exeter, Postville and Prairie View are scheduled to be on air by September.  Bug Tussel is also working on site acquisition for towers north of Browntown, north of Monroe and in downtown Monroe. Those sites are expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

The Green County grant is part of a total $7.86 million in broadband expansion grants throughout Wisconsin that were announced in April.

About Bug Tussel Wireless

Bug  Tussel Wireless™, LLC delivers quality high-speed wireless internet service to rural Wisconsin. Bug Tussel has set its focus on the emerging rural market allowing people to work from almost anywhere by offering state-of-the-art global connectivity at affordable prices with no contracts and unlimited data.

About GCDC

GCDC, a multi-jurisdictional economic development corporation, was formed to bring professional economic development expertise to its member communities to create a competitive advantage to spur job creation and new investments. The organization is building the economic future of Green County communities and businesses through public-private partnerships. For more information, visit GCDC at online at