Financial Assistance & Incentives

Green County communities are committed to reducing financial risk for expanding and relocating businesses. Led by the Green County Development Corporation, we will put a team together to help you with every aspect of your project from concept to reality. No matter what you need we will have the most effective professional people there to make sure that each step of your project is handled quickly, thoroughly and within your timeline and budget.

GCDC works proactively with the State of Wisconsin and local officials to provide meaningful incentives and loans that help to ensure a successful business operation. From job training programs and industrial revenue bonds to local revolving loan funds and sites priced below market, we can assist you to determine your eligibility for specific programs, and facilitate the application process.

Please call GCDC at 608-328-9452 or email to discuss your specific project and the various ways we can assist you in achieving your goals.

Local Revolving Loan Funds

Revolving Loan Funds (RLF) are designed to provide funds needed to start or expand a business. Loans are often tied to maintaining or expanding the work force. As the business repays the funds to the local unit of government, the money can be loaned to other businesses to finance additional economic development projects.

Green County’s RLF is called the Growth Opportunity Fund.

GCDC’s Growth Opportunity Fund loans of up to $100,000 per business are available for high-growth startups and existing companies such as advanced manufacturing, agriculture or food processing, information systems or software, medical devices, biosciences and energy.

There is no job creation requirement to be eligible. Financed activities must be located within Green County or within a municipality partially located in Green County. As businesses pay back their loans and interest, that funding will be used to make loans to more businesses (a revolving loan fund).

Click here to learn more about GCDC’s Growth Opportunity Fund.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

A TIF is a mechanism for financing local economic development projects. Taxes generated by the increased property values pay for land acquisition or needed public works. Communities in Green County have used TIF to accommodate and support selected new industrial and commercial development projects. Businesses are generally required to enter into a Development Agreement that outlines the project’s impact on the community.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

To support expanding businesses, Green County municipalities have access to Wisconsin’s Industrial Revenue Bond program. The Wisconsin program now has more than $200 million available to assist small manufacturers with expansion projects through low-interest financing. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation grants the bonding authority (volume cap allocation) to cities, villages, and towns to issue the bonds on behalf of a business.

State & Regional Assistance

Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission Revolving Loan Fund – The region’s RLF, named the Regional Revolving Loan Fund has nearly $500,000 available to loan out. It was created to spur business development and expansion projects that address unmet regional and community needs in southwest Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has a broad range of financial and technical assistance programs for expanding businesses.

For a complete list of state, regional, and local agencies and programs, download the Green County Resource Guide (pdf) or call GCDC at 608-328-9452 or email for more information and assistance with any of these programs.